Charlotte Moretto


Charlotte is a Barrister specialising in the field of personal injury law. She is also a Director of Chaptercare Limited, which operates a residential care home in East Yorkshire. In the voluntary sector, Charlotte has five years’ experience as a governor in two different schools.

Charlotte has now been involved within the care sector for seven years, as a result of which she has knowledge of working within a statutory framework and some of the issues facing older people. As an employer, Charlotte also has practical experience of employment issues.

Charlotte has four children and lives in Cambridgeshire. She is a new trustee to OPAAL and is very much looking forward to contributing to the mission of the organisation.

Catherine Wood

OPAAL Vice Chair

Catherine is the Health Advocacy Manager for Breast Cancer Now (formerly Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer)

Catherine has over 3 years’ experience working with patients and the NHS to improve breast care services. Before this, she was as a medical communications consultant, delivering a variety of communications and educational programmes for healthcare professionals.

Catherine’s current work includes facilitating patient focus groups, training and supporting patient advocates, and helping healthcare professionals to listen and act on patients’ views.

Catherine has both a professional and personal interest in advocating for older people, and is keen to use her experience and expertise to support OPAAL in their work.

Betty Machin

OPAAL Treasurer

Betty currently works as the Dementia Advocacy Manager with the Beth Johnson Foundation (BJF). Prior to working at BJF Betty worked in the health service and joined the Foundation in 2001 as a Coordinator of the Advocacy Dementia project for seven years, later becoming the Manager of the project. During this time Betty obtained an MA in Gerontology. She also holds a diploma in the advocacy qualification.

The Beth Johnson Foundation was successful in gaining funding which enabled Betty to manage the Advocacy Support Project and as a direct result of this project; the lack of appropriate supervision for supervisors of advocates was highlighted. Betty, with support from Kay Steven, developed an accredited OCN level three supervision training module for supervisors of advocates. Betty presently carries out the training for the OCN level training for supervisors.

Andrew Booth


Prior to working in the voluntary sector, Andrew was a Bandmaster (Warrant Officer Class One) in the British Army and served for 22 years before retiring in February 2003.  As he had spent most of his adult life being paid for his hobby, he decided it was about time he got a real Job

Andrew is currently employed as the Director of the Sefton Pensioners Advocacy Centre (SPAC) based in Southport, Merseyside.  SPAC is a medium sized (12 Staff), independent advocacy organisation, that currently works with individuals over the age of 60 across the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton.  He has been in post since March 2003.

Andrew is the vice-chair of the Health and Social Care Network in Sefton – he also represents the voices of older people on a number of strategic decision making bodies within the borough and across Merseyside.  Andrew is committed to ensuring that older people have the chance to be involved in both the design, delivery and improvement of all types of services that they may wish or need to access. He recognises that, while he is invited to be part of the process, he can only ever give a perspective and that true and meaningful engagement can only be sought by direct interaction with older people themselves.

Andrew was a trustee of Action for Advocacy (A4A) from 2010 to 2013 and is currently in his second term as the chair of OPAAL, having previously held the role between 2007 – 2010.

When he is not enjoying his time off from work, Andrew can be seen and heard playing the Tuba in a championship section brass band based in Rainford.

Colette Isaaks


Colette is an experienced Independent Non-Executive Director (NED), with a successful track record of ensuring that customers have positive experiences when accessing services in a variety of industries, For Colette, it is extremely important that older people have both the means and opportunity to influence strategic and policy decisions on issues that affect them.

In a previous role Colette was a Minister-appointed NED, for the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) which has both a national profile and very active regional/local presence, with regional committees and advocates spread across England and Wales.

In 2013-2014 Colette joined Walford and North Shropshire College (WNSC) as a Performance and Learning Coach. In this role, she acted as an inspirational leader, not only to the students, but also to the other staff members responsible for student progression and aspiration. Colette worked closely with the local Council to enhance the profile of the college and facilitated a number of student led entrepreneurial initiatives to engage with the local community, including: running a market stall in Oswestry; and facilitating the students to use social media to advertise their services skills and abilities.

Colette also continues to work for The Lord Grantchester, helping him with his Parliamentary responsibilities and to run his personal estate, which has been invaluable in building up her network of contacts within Cheshire, Shropshire and the North West.

Dorothy Hodgkinson


Dorothy initially became involved with advocacy informally when speaking up for her mother as her physical and mental health deteriorated and she developed dementia.

Later Dorothy studied at York St John’s University in York and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Counselling Studies (1st class).  Whilst studying Dorothy also undertook voluntary placements in advocacy and mentoring with York Mind, during which time her advocacy work was primarily with child protection cases, mentoring with clients across a vast range of mental health issues, and Dorothy also developed a keen interest in non-instructed advocacy.

Dorothy recently joined OCAY (Older Citizens’ Advocacy York) as Advocacy Project Lead.  Prior to this she worked for two and a half years at Advocacy Alliance, based in Scarborough

Dorothy’s current role involves oversight of the operational work of the organisation, including recruitment/supervision/training of a team of volunteer advocates, networking and promotion of the advocacy service together with offering Care Act Advocacy within the local Care Act Advocacy Partnership in York.

Kim Taylor


Kim currently manages the Community Fundraising Team for a large national charity, raising funds through the community and through some wonderful volunteers to support blind and partially sighted people.

Over the last seven years Kim has been involved in strategic planning to develop fundraising capacity, leading the team in building relationships with all types of community groups, local companies, schools, community grants and individuals, in order to secure and support their fundraising activities.

Kim is experienced in people recruitment and management, business planning, financial forecasting, setting and managing budgets and managing performance.

From her previous roles in the Department for Work and Pensions, she also has extensive experience of managing employment programmes and contracts, particularly supporting people with disabilities into work, staff management and strategic collaborative working across the public sector.

Kim lives in Staffordshire and is very keen on keeping fit at her local gym.