GAIN – Gateshead Advocacy Information Network

Organisation name:     

Gateshead Advocacy Information Network


Area covered:


Organisation address:




John Haswell House

8/9 Gladstone Terrace


Tyne and Wear



Phone No: 01914783130
Email address: [email protected]
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Advocacy type: (Tick all that apply)
  □          Non Instructed Advocacy
  □          Peer (Group) Self Advocacy
  □          One to one Citizen Advocacy
  □          Individual Casework Advocacy
  □          IMCA
  □          DoLS
  □          IMHA
  □          ICAS
  √          Other (please specify)
Do you provide advocacy services to: (Tick all that apply)
  □          People in care homes
  □          People in nursing homes
  □          People in hospital
  □          Carers
  □          People with learning disabilities
  □          People with a physical impairment
  □          People with a sensory impairment
  □          People with dementia
  √          Other (please specify)
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