Maureen’s story

Here is the wonderful Maureen, who has been involved in a really tough battle with cancer. Maureen has had two volunteer advocates to help her during this difficult time – but she helps them in return by being so inspiring! Here is what Maureen had to say about her involvement with advocates.

“Although I don’t need someone to speak on my behalf they were thereAdvocacy client to hold my hand. My current volunteer advocate Annie reassured me and gave me information on where to get
help and what to do when I had a worrying symptom recently.

Since I moved house I have less close girlfriends to share things with and I don’t want to worry my son, he’s family. It has been good to have someone with me. I feel I’m not frightened to tell my advocates anything and everything. They are there for me to talk to about positives and negatives. I know Annie is a very strong lady who also cares and I know that she’s not going to get emotionally involved.”

Advocates can be there to help in so many ways, even for people who are confident and able to speak up like Maureen. Whatever your battle is, there is an option not to face it alone.