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A very warm welcome to OPAAL UK where we work to ensure that all older people can speak up about their rights, needs and wants. Our overall aim is that everyone, irrespective of their circumstances, can enjoy a rewarding, safe and fulfilling life in their later years.

This charity exists to promote and develop independent advocacy services for older people, and those who support them – in whatever way they engage with older people. We encourage everyone, ranging from older individuals and their family and friends to professionals dealing with older people, to learn about the power of independent advocacy, so that the benefits for older people of living in a way that makes them happy, safe and fulfilled are delivered in their own networks and communities.

We are a membership organisation, and we are proud to champion the fantastic work undertaken by those working towards ensuring older people’s needs, wants and rights are protected and promoted. Our role includes campaigning on behalf of our members, supporting them with resources, building partnerships and sharing good practice in our community.  

OPAAL is a national infrastructure organisation and we work to establish standards and quality frameworks which can be adopted by new and existing service providers to deliver improved independent advocacy for all older people, particularly those most vulnerable. We are also working very hard to influence the provision of independent advocacy for older people.

Whilst we do not provide advocacy services to those requesting assistance directly, we can provide a number of free resources to enable individuals and supporters to work through some of the pressing issues older people face in our society, in a FREE simple and easily accessible manner. And we are delighted to signpost individuals to organisations that can provide advocacy services, should that be required. 

Please browse the website and let us know if there is any material that you feel needs to be included on the site; we would love to hear how we could help you!

Download our FREE easy to use checklistsOur useful checklists are available in 3 different formats:

  • regular
  • on yellow paper with black text for easy reading
  • in picture format.

Each are designed to help older people and those that care for them, ask all the difficult questions when considering important issues in older people’s lives.

The Advocacy Checklist is a simple and effective means of ensuring that older people are recognised as the experts on themselves and what best reflects their needs and wants. It’s a clear way of demonstrating that organisations will help older people speak up, and be involved in the decisions about how they are going to best enjoy life as we all age together.

If you or someone you care about is an older person and has links to an organisation and service, look for the Advocacy Checklist logo, so that you know that there are systems in place for that older person to voice their needs and wants in a supported way – no matter what the issue is.

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One of our founders, Diane Mayhew, is really excited to be taking part in this on the 20th…. please do sign up (it’s FREE) on the link below and come and join the discussion:
Embracing Diversity: Excelling with Pride in Adult Social Care. Link below ⬇️

The Unseen Men on Father’s Day: The Impact of Childlessness on Men’s Health and Well-being. ⁦@RobinHadley1⁩ #AgeingWithoutChildren #AWOC #MoreThanYouThink #FathersDay

You need to register to vote by 11.59pm, 18th June 2024. There are also options for postal/proxy votes, so if you are supporting someone in a #CareHome please have a look… you do not lose your vote because you are in a care home #RightsForResidents
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