Are you over 50 and looking for work?
According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there are now more people aged 50 and older in work, or looking for work, than since just before the pandemic!
ONS’s analysis shows there was an increase in older people working, or looking for work, to 116,000 here in the UK in the past year.
Men over 65 account for more than half the total increase which equates to around 66,000 men. And the other 37,000 are women, aged over 65, in work or looking for work.
ONS analysis also says that this is as a result of an increase in retirees wanting to return to work, rather than people staying in work for a longer time.
This is simply because so many of us are feeling far poorer than we have for so many years. Let’s face is the pound simply doesn’t buy as much as it once did! And to enjoy the quality of life that most of us want to live, we need more money in all our pockets.
But all the evidence shows that it can in fact be very difficult to find work as an older person – the physicality of some jobs may rule us out, and the lack of flexibility in certain roles.
Do you know of an older person in your life looking for work? We would love to hear their stores!
We are currently devising a series of checklist to help older people speak up about their needs and wants in the workplace – so watch this space for some free resources to help anyone seeking work in 2023!


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