We have talked a lot on this page about the value of making sure you have a Lasting Power of Attorney, registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in place, for both your medical and financial wellbeing. This is just in case something happens to you, and you are no longer in a position to make or express decisions for yourself.
But who is the right person to choose to speak for you? We all come to life with our own experiences and beliefs, and what is right for me in my circumstances, may be wholly inappropriate for you. Age, religion, social background, family or relationship status, all can influence how we want to live, and these factors must be considered by anyone taking decisions on our behalf.
So here are three things that we think should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind when choosing who to nominate to look after their interests.
1. Authentic understanding
A true intimate understanding of your situation is vital. Your person has to understand you as a whole. Or they must be a fantastic listener, who will put aside their own views and be truly able to absorb your ideas and wishes. To get to this point will require (possibly uncomfortable) discussions with loved ones. And whoever finally represents you must be careful that your views are not outweighed by anyone more vocal than you. They should have a deep sense of who you are as an individual.
2. Self-awareness
The person chosen must be very clear on the difference between what they think you should do, and what you would choose to do for yourself. This requires a deep sense of self awareness. If they cannot separate from their own perspective, to fully adopt yours, then they may not be the right person to represent you.
3. Effective documentation
Someone who is willing to help you make a record of your decisions. A document or video of your wishes can really help to explain to others what your choices are. And writing things down can help to make us express ourselves clearly, and in a way that others can understand.
Who would represent you if you couldn’t represent yourself? We have created a FREE helpful checklist, to help you consider who might be the right person to have speak up for you.
Get your copy here.

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