We’ve all seen the stereotype of the older person becoming hard of hearing. But the reality is that if someone you know – or you – find yourself asking pardon all the time, there may be a case of age-related hearing loss. 
It’s really not a good idea to put off addressing any loss of hearing and here is why.
1. Use or lose applies to your hearing! Your brain will simply get worse at processing sound if it doesn’t get enough “good material” to work with.
2. Those with hearing loss can also experience deterioration in brain functions. Memory and thinking may decline faster in people with hearing loss. And studies have linked hearing loss of a higher risk of dementia.
3. It’s easier and better for the brain if we try to correct hearing loss sooner rather than later. It’s better for the brain, but it’s also better for social relationships, work, safety and enjoyment of music, TV etc. Also adapting to a hearing aid takes time and is harder when the hearing loss is more severe,
4. It take a huge amount of effort for friends and family to communicate with the person with hearing loss, spouses in particular can become very frustrated. And people with hearing loss can become socially isolated.
So take EARly action to look after those precious EARs (did you see what we did there?) and lets all make the most of our later lives together!




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