The incredible team at The Centre for Better Ageing have once again produced an outstanding report that tracks the health, wellbeing and fortunes of older people in the UK. And it makes for some pretty stark reading. Our key takeaways were as follows:
  • Health inequalities are linked to wealth inequalities. If you come from a poorer background, you are far less likely to live as long as wealthy people and to enjoy good health into your later years. And whilst there is a north/south divide, the more money you have, the more health you are likely to be in later life.
  • More older people than every before live in substandard housing – and very often they can be the owners of the houses themselves who cannot afford to make the necessary repairs or upgrades required.
  • The UK Media is the demonstrates the most ageism out of the 20 countries that were surveyed.
  • We, as a nation have woefully failed to prepare for an ageing population that continues to grown year on year.
But don’t take our word for it – read all about it for yourselves here. It’s a superb piece of work.






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