The Advocacy Checklist is a way you and your organisation can publicly demonstrate your commitment to putting the needs and wants of the older people in your care or in your life, at the heart of all you do.

It is a simple series of easy steps for you and your teams to take, to show older people and those their loved ones, that you have committed to listening and taking action, to help an older person speak up about how they want to live their lives – irrespective of their circumstances.

We are each the expert on ourselves. Committing to valuing the ideas and opinions of older people acknowledges this key principle. And when adhered to, the Advocacy Checklist provides a valuable marque of good practice that indicates assured professionalism and compassion when providing services to older people.

Here is what the Advocacy Checklist will require of you and your team members.


What you will get out of joining the scheme.

Member Benefits

As part of Advocacy Checklist membership with OPAAL, the Member will receive the following benefits:

  • Our training video on formal and informal advocacy and appropriate actions to take.
  • Access to the Advocacy Checklist logos in usable formats.
  • A PDF of the checklist for the Member to reproduce and display.
  • A plain Advocacy Checklist branded PDF to complete with the names of the preferred advocacy provider, for the Member to display on notice boards etc.
  • A link showing membership details on the OPAAL page.
  • A link showing membership displayed on our list of Advocacy Checklist scheme participants.
  • A specific email address to where members can send any content they want to share on our website or on our FB/Twitter pages, and links to all.
  • A copy of a bulletin that goes out to all our members, with a “welcome message” and all subsequent bulletins.

Member Undertakings

To satisfy the requirements of the Advocacy Checklist the Member agrees to use reasonable endeavours to:

  • Provide a picture of their staff with the signed checklist, that OPAAL can share with our digital audiences/use in the press etc. (i.e. with full names and permissions)
  • Provide a quote from the signatory of the checklist that OPAAL can share with our audiences.
  • Provide a picture of where the checklist is displayed on the premises.
  • Provide a link to their website showing:
    • the Advocacy Checklist logo displayed
    • signposting to their preferred advocacy provider, or the OPAAL website
  • Confirm that the training video has been received and shared with staff.

Please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible with the requested information. If your inquiry is urgent please call us on +44 (0) 11746 787320