Ageing well in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is the UK’s first city-region to receive World Health Organisation age-friendly status. This honour, awarded in 2010, recognises the region’s ambition that “as citizens age they remain independent, able to maintain good health, strong social and cultural connections, and have access to healthy, good quality employment.”

There are many things that are great about growing older in Greater Manchester – excellent cultural opportunities at any age, access to beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, high-quality local hospitals and good public transport links, to name a few.

But a large number of people in our region still face a range of challenges in later life.

Healthy life expectancy is lower in Greater Manchester than the national average and some of the conurbation’s boroughs rank as the most deprived in the country. Too many older people are ageing in poor health and Covid-19 has uncovered the previously hidden level of need in our communities.

Throughout the pandemic, Greater Manchester’s Age UKs supported people with regular friendly telephone chats, emergency and ongoing food parcels, opportunities to stay creative and personalised support when needs changed.

Staff were dedicated to ensuring that people knew they had somewhere to turn. That they felt valued, listened to and not forgotten. That people still care.

As restrictions ease and we return to more normal activities, Greater Manchester’s Age UKs are reflecting on this last 18 months and are planning for a future that ensures the increased awareness of the need for high-quality care, support and opportunities to age well are not forgotten.

Do you want to be part of promoting ageing well in Greater Manchester?

Greater Manchester Age UKs are joining together to encourage community minded neighbours to join one of our nine individual, local boards. Each partner is seeking individuals who are passionate about their cause, willing and able to devote the necessary time and effort to the organisation, able to think creatively and speak their mind, and willing to take on the responsibilities of these critical roles.

People from all ages, backgrounds, professions and ethnicities are encouraged to get in touch. Acting as a Trustee is a brilliant opportunity to ensure the needs of your community are represented in future local service provision.

How do I find out more?

Join Greater Manchester’s Age UKs for ‘Make a difference: Help us shape the future’ on 28 September. At this 60-minute online session, you’ll find out more about Greater Manchester’s Age UKs, hear from sitting Trustees and have opportunities to ask any questions you might have.

You can register to attend the event here

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy later life – wherever you live in Greater Manchester. Access to support, opportunities and local services at every stage of later life is our shared vision.

Be a part of that vision and our journey to support ageing well across Greater Manchester by becoming a trustee.