All the lonely people…

It’s not a new idea. In fact the Beatles spoke about “all the lonely people” in their hit song Eleanor Rigby in 1966. The idea that as we age we can succumb to loneliness has been around for a very long time.
But what is new, is a study undertaken in Singapore and Japan that shows that people who think of themselves as lonely really do live shorter lives than their peers.
Apparently we are now in a situation across the globe that people over 30 outnumber younger people – so what does this mean for the health and wellbeing of all us older folk?
Well what it means is that we have to do all we can to help and support each other. We need to stay in touch. Make sure we go out and see people. And make the most of all the pleasant people we know.
1966 we got “All the lonely people” but in 1971 Carole King gave us “You’ve got a friend”. And here at Together we like that idea, much, much better!