The Centre for Better Ageing: The State of Ageing Report 2023

The incredible team at The Centre for Better Ageing have once again produced an outstanding report that tracks the health, wellbeing and fortunes of older people in the UK. And it makes for some pretty stark reading. Our key takeaways were as follows: Health inequalities are linked to wealth inequalities. If you come from a […]

National Advocacy Awareness Week 2023!

Welcome to National Advocacy Awareness Week 2023 where the theme this year is “What is Advocacy?” For us the question is a simple one to answer. We have lost count of the number of times we have heard of older people having their views discounted in: health and social care settings; retail outlets; financial institutions; […]

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and how it can affect older adults

What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and why does it matter to older people? Well the simple fact is that is: Incurable Debilitating Painful Stressful Different for everyone Difficult to diagnose And therefore can often by missed by older people as simply a “sign of ageing”. So here is what we all need to […]

Paranoia in older adults

Let’s talk about something important today – paranoia in older adults. It’s a topic that doesn’t get enough attention, but it’s essential to raise awareness and offer support. As we age, our minds and bodies go through significant changes, and sometimes, this can lead to feelings of paranoia. Paranoia in older adults can be caused […]

Alan’s leukaemia story

It started with a persistent sore throat. I thought it would be OK by the time I would be going skiing in 10 days, but it was no better. On my return, I went to see my GP on a Monday morning. My GP insisted it was “a very mild infection.” I explained I was […]

Why banks must offer alternatives if they are going to close local branches

David’s story Gemma cares deeply for her dad David, who is a vibrant and active man, living independently in a rural setting in his eighties. Gemma wants to help make David’s life as easy as possible for him, so for a long time she has been encouraging David to start using his computer and his […]

Technology and older workers

Here on this page we have been talking for some time about the rise in numbers of older people staying in work and what this means for their lives and for the policies and procedures for employers. And it is great to see that others are also interested in this vital area. HR Magazine have […]

Make sure you understand what a DNR notice is!

We heard the most troubling story this week about an elderly woman living alone in her nineties, who was being pressed by her GP to agree to a DNR! (In case you don’t know a DNR is a Do Not Resuscitate order, should a person suffer a cardiac arrest). The story was told by the […]

Any bright ideas on better ageing?

Did you know that the UK’s International Longevity Centre is planning a conference on the Future of Ageing. At this event they want to discuss ideas and inspiration to help us all adapt to our ageing population! Their ideas include:   ❓Enhancing our contribution to society.   ❓Improving health care.   ❓Building stronger communities.   […]

Take early action on hearing loss!

We’ve all seen the stereotype of the older person becoming hard of hearing. But the reality is that if someone you know – or you – find yourself asking pardon all the time, there may be a case of age-related hearing loss.    It’s really not a good idea to put off addressing any loss […]

Let’s all get moving with SportsWorks!

We are absolutely delighted to announce a partnership with SportWorks Ltd . SportsWorks do wonderful work to ensure that everyone, no matter their circumstances, can get moving, get healthy and get happy! And we are all for it! Here is what they are all about – in SportsWork’s own words! SportWorks supports over 600 community […]

Older women looking at documents

Costs to think about when considering retirement financial planning

The cost of living crisis is never far from any of our minds right now. So in terms of retirement planning we thought it would be worth bringing up a few ideas that you may not have considered saving for in your retirement. 1. Dental care. Teeth can be expensive! But we all know that […]

Betty Machin and Oldham Community Radio: Speaking up for older people

Betty Machin, OPAAL Trustee and former Dementia Advocate was in conversations with the wonderful team at Oldham Community Radio about the difficulties older people can have speaking up about their needs and wants. Local community radio station like OCR do a wonderful job of speaking to older people, and share valuable information about how to […]

Who would I want to speak up for me?

We have talked a lot on this page about the value of making sure you have a Lasting Power of Attorney, registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in place, for both your medical and financial wellbeing. This is just in case something happens to you, and you are no longer in a position […]

Love and affection in later life

Most people believe that it’s natural for our sex lives to go decline as we age. Now of course, over time aging, does tend to change the way the body and mind work. And our attitudes to sex can change. This doesn’t mean that sex has to be “over” at a certain point or age. […]

Two older men talking

Older people can now be better supported with free and easy ways to get their voices heard!

There is an increasing population of older people in the UK, who for a variety of reasons are struggling to make their needs and wants known. In our rapidly changing social and economic circumstances, many service providers rely on older people having adult children, or other supportive adults, to help them resolve the kinds of […]

Older people drinking tea

When is it the right time to try to help an older person?

When is the best time to get help for the older person in your life? There could be a point in time, when we can see that some issues might be on the horizon, and want to make sure that these potential problems do not crystallize for our loved ones. But perhaps the older person […]

It’s LGBT History Month!

We are celebrating all the wonderful diversity in our communities! Here at Together, our mission is to ensure that every older person gets to live their best later life in the way that they will find most fulfilling and rewarding. So here’s a huge shout out and wave of love to everyone who knows that […]

Are you over 50 and looking for work in 2023?

Are you over 50 and looking for work? According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there are now more people aged 50 and older in work, or looking for work, than since just before the pandemic! ONS’s analysis shows there was an increase in older people working, or looking for work, to […]

Sleep talk!

The value of good sleep habits in later life How did you sleep last night? We all need sleep but so many of us are not getting enough of it. Even people who don’t feel chronically sleep-deprived can be getting less sleep than they need, which may have important health effects both short-term and long-term. […]

Have you heard about hospital delirium?

Have you heard of hospital delirium? It’s actually really common in older adults who find themselves in hospital. And it doesn’t just happen to people living with some kind of dementia diagnosis. Hospital delirium is when older people experience a real deterioration in mental functions, which is brought on by illness or some kind of […]

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