Do older people fear driving at night?

Here’s a question for you – how do you feel about driving at night these days??
We ask because the RAC has recently conducted some research that says that older people are starting to avoid driving at night – and the reason? The increasing numbers of people saying that they are dazzled by oncoming headlights!
It’s definitely something we have noticed here are the reasons for the change are as follows:
?The greater numbers of SUVs on the road, which sit higher on the road, so if you are in a lower vehicle the headlights are right at your eye level.
?The increased usage of white LED lights, which are very bright and difficult for the eyes to handle compared to the soft yellow “glow” of headlights previously.
More and more accidents are being blamed on being dazzled by headlights – but our concern is that this is yet another reason why older people might not want to leave their houses, and suffer greater social isolation!
What do you think – have you noticed a change?
Dazzling headlights keep older people at home
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Photo by thevibrantmachine from Pexels