Older people can benefit from piano lessons!

Here’s a really interesting idea for you. 121 healthy adults aged between 62 and 78, were given music lessons over a 6-month period They were split into 2 groups and the first group had a weekly piano lesson for and hour and were given, and 30 minutes’ practice to do each day. The second group … Continued

Who would speak for you?

We have talked a lot on this page about the value of making sure you have a Lasting Power of Attorney, registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in place, for both your medical and financial wellbeing. This is just in case something happens to you, and you are no longer in a position … Continued

Do older people fear driving at night?

Here’s a question for you – how do you feel about driving at night these days??   We ask because the RAC has recently conducted some research that says that older people are starting to avoid driving at night – and the reason? The increasing numbers of people saying that they are dazzled by oncoming … Continued

Where does autonomy end for older people?

Here at OPAAL, we are all about older people having all the choices available to them about how they want to live their lives. But sometimes the way people are living is more about not taking care of themselves rather than making an actual choice to live differently.? Telling the difference between self-neglect and the … Continued

Leukaemia is not just a childhood disease

Read Julia’s story about how her leukaemia was repeatedly dismissed as one of the signs of ageing. Julia knew something wasn’t right when she began to experience fatigue and found a lump under her arm, but numerous times she was told the symptoms were nothing to worry about. Following a routine mammogram, Julia was diagnosed … Continued

Pensioners’ finances hit hard in 2022

Welcome to 2022! How are you feeling about it? Here at Together HQ we have been thinking about what this year will mean for older people’s finances. By our reckoning there are four big things that we should all really be thinking about. Higher ­energy bills. We are all going to be paying more for … Continued

First Christmas without…

There’s something we need to talk about. How many of us are facing a “first Christmas without…”? Aunts, uncles, parents. godparents, family friends can be especially missed at this time of year, even if we’ve been an adult for a long time (like the author of this post! ?). The reasons for this are simple. … Continued

Can you help with this research project aimed at over 65s?

Edinburgh University is conducting some research on the benefits of “virtual walks” for the over 65s. Can you help with the research? We all know there is not enough information out there about what benefits people as they age – can we help change that?? If you can – go to the their research project … Continued

Advocacy Awareness week 2021 #AdvocacyinAction

Six searching questions with Joe Monaghan Chief Officer of the National Coalition of Advocacy Schemes In light of all the recent publicity on the need for advocacy both formal and informal as part of the #SpotLeukaemia campaign for Leukaemia Care, we thought it would be timely to hear from Joe Monaghan, Chief Officer of the … Continued

Remember the signs of leukaemia can be hard to spot!

When Vivien Martin lost three stone in weight with no effort, she knew something was wrong, but her GP initially put it down as unexplained weight loss. Vivien pushed for tests, and as a result she was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Here, she shares her Spot Leukaemia story. I was working and was a … Continued