Online dating for those aged 60+

One thing that has come out of the pandemic has been a rise in digital competency in older people  – which has also led to growing using in dating apps for people aged 60+. Reports show that older singles are now making great use of the ability to find romantic partners, with just a few clicks or swipes. So here are few things to consider when dipping into online dating as an older person.

  • Women – don’t always expect men to make the first move in the online environment. Think about how good it feels to receive a nice contact, and be willing to give someone else that pleasure. Reports seem to indicate that those who are willing to initiate contact get better results – so be prepared to give it a go!
  • Be prepared to spot the difference between generic responses – one’s that don’t contain any information that is personal to you. Lots of romantic language can just be a copy and paste routine – and this should definitely raise some red flags!
  • Avoid anyone who starts asking for things such as gift cards, vouchers or money – no matter how kind or in need they may appear. Do no not send gifts to people you only know in an online capacity.
  • Avoid those who are resistant to meeting up! The plan should roughly follow: online messages/texts first, then phone calls or video calls, moving reasonably swiftly to a meeting in a public place, for no more than an hour, when other people know where you are and what you are doing.

All that remains is for us to wish you the very best of luck and fun on your dating adventures!

And if you would like to explore more romantic options and you don’t feel able to, then perhaps an independent advocate could help.