OPAAL launches Older People’s Advocacy Manifesto 2016

Ahead of last year’s General Election OPAAL produced a set of 5 key asks which members contributed to.  As you know we have consulted with members again to develop an up to date set of five key asks of UK government and devolved parliaments/assemblies in the form of our Older People’s Advocacy Manifesto 2016.

This Manifesto is a call to action by OPAAL to ensure older people’s right to access advocacy is accounted for in policy and legislation, and older people are included in consultations and policy development:

1.   We would like to see robust monitoring of the take up of statutory advocacy services with strategic planning so older people with a right to it can access it when they need it.

2.   We would like to see a driving up of standards in the commissioning of statutory advocacy.  We will support members to feedback their experiences of commissioning practice and the uptake of statutory advocacy, and keep them updated about developments around legislation.

3.   We would like to see more advocacy available to those who are not eligible for statutory advocacy to support them in tackling social injustice, inequality and exclusion, encompassing many types of advocacy (peer, citizen, issue based).  This should involve support for local provision including the allocation of appropriate resources and funding and the promotion of advocacy.

4.   We would like to see the advocacy sector and older people being involved in consultations, planning and policy development both locally and nationally.

5.   We would like to see increased resourcing of the capacity of the sector to promote and support independent advocacy.  As members of Advocacy Action Alliance we encourage policy makers to engage with this voice for the sector.

Next steps for members

We encourage members to read the full Manifesto document, as this includes materials you may wish to use in the promotion of advocacy for older people to decision makers. We have tried to make this a short but visual document which can be shared with decision makers directly to make a call for the promotion and support of advocacy for older people.

We also encourage members to share the Manifesto via their own networks, and if you use social media we also ask that you share this alongside the #advocacyworks hashtag to help us to keep the conversation going about advocacy for older people (our twitter handle is @OPAALUK).