What is Ask PIP

The PIP (Policy into Practice) is a national partnership project led by Advocacy In Action and OPAAL and funded by the Department of Health.  It has developed an online policy into practice manual; to enable quality standards for Advocacy schemes based on the Advocacy charter to be implemented. The manual is accessed online and allows for the downloading and amending of policies and procedures to suit an Advocacy Project’s needs.  It is hoped that this will make the manual a continuous and organic document that enables and supports the growth of advocacy for older people in England.  We intend to make the manual available and provide initial training in its use to advocacy projects for older people in England.


What is Advocacy?

Independent Advocacy supports the person regardless of the demands and concerns of others. It challenges the causes and effects of injustice, oppression, and abuse and upholds human rights and is free of charge at the point of delivery.

Advocacy supports and enables people who have difficulty representing their interests, to exercise their rights, express their views, explore and make informed choices.  Independent Advocacy supports the person regardless of the demands and concerns of others.  It challenges the causes and effects of injustice, oppression and abuse and upholds human rights.  (Definition from OPAAL and used in policies).


Who is this Information for?

For voluntary organisations in the UK, who are running or planning to run an Advocacy Service for Older People.


How do I use the Information?

It can be used to review existing policies or instigate new policies.  New services may wish to use the information when starting up.  Policies may be of interest to academics, commissioners and other organisations who deliver services to older people.


What type of Information is on the site?

There are 85 documents split into 4 clusters: employment related, organisational, staff and advocacy partner.  Each document is comprised of the policy and an accompanying procedure, which is designed to help put the policy into action.  Most policies also have a practice note intended to help you overcome the difficulties you may face in implementation or to provide you with additional information.


Can I use and change the policy templates?

Yes, there is a read only PDF version and a word version which you can download and amend according to your needs.  You will need to save the document to your hard drive before making the changes.  Do this by selecting “File” in the top left hand margin and then “Save As”.


How do I know the information is correct and up to date?

A Solicitor has checked through each one of the policies to make sure that the information was correct at the time of production, Autumn 2011.


Does Ask PIP have an Online Forum?

No although we are hoping to develop a forum facility where organisations and individuals can share best practice and ask questions of their peers.  This is dependent on our capacity to attract further funding.


Is there a charge for this information?

No the information and use of policy templates is free of charge