Legal stuff

Every template policy in the PIP manual has been legally checked by OPAAL’s solicitor. Each policy therefore carries the following disclaimer:

“These policies and procedures are intended to be used by you to assist with the administration of your organisation and its employees. We give no assurances in relation to the accuracy or legality of the policies. All implied warranties and conditions are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. We have used our best endeavours to keep the policies and procedures up to date but you should note that the policies are not intended to constitute a complete statement of the law or replace the need for legal advice”.
By accessing any of the PIP policies you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept this disclaimer.

Finding the policy you want

There are 85 template policies which have been split into 4 clusters: employment related, organisational , staff and advocacy partner (service user based). If you are looking for a particular policy to customise you can find them alphabetically or within the clusters so, for instance, the Complaints policy can be found under organisational policies, the Dress Code policy under employment related policies, the Appraisal policy under staff and Confidentiality under advocacy partner.

Each policy has an accompanying procedure which is designed to help put the policy into action and most policies also have a practice note intended to help you overcome the difficulties you may face in implementation or to provide you with additional information.

Employment Policies
Organisational Policies
Staff policies
Advocacy Partner Policies
A-Z list of Policies

Customise a policy

Policies can be downloaded as a Word document which can be customised to suit your own organisation or as a pdf. All policies use the same terms and definitions as agreed by the PIP project group and a list of those terms and definitions is included in manual. For instance, service user is a term used but you may use another term such as advocacy partner or client so the Word based policy can be amended to whatever term you use locally. Policies can be fully personalised so you can include your organisation’s name and logo and add or subtract from the content.