Advocate – paid or unpaid (volunteer, see below) worker, support worker, advocacy worker, case worker, named person


Case records – case notes, files, individual computer record


Chairperson – chair, chair of the Governing body, chairperson of the Board


Chief Executive – organisation’s most senior manager


Computer based accounting system – Sage


Constitution – The governing documents of an organisation, Memorandum and Articles of Association.


Data controller – The person(s) in an organisation who has the overall responsibility for the management of information, especially any covered by the data protection act e.g. service user case files that would hold information described in the act as being confidential


Electronic communications –   “Communication which is transferred electronically” Part of the classification of Information Technology. This is the study, design, development, implementation, support and management of computer-based information systems and applications, in particular software applications and computer hardware.


Employee – paid member of staff.


Governing body – Trustees, Management Committee, Board


Independent auditor – independent examiner


Line Manager – supervisor


Manager – responsible manager


Officers – The Chairperson, Vice chairperson and Treasurer of an organisation.


Older person – anyone over the age of 50


The organisation – The charity, agency


Personnel – anyone who undertakes tasks or who carries out duties on behalf of the organisation; employees, paid staff, staff members, volunteers, trustees, job holder, staff.


Practice notes – guidance notes, implementation of procedures, work instruction, tool kit, tools.


Service user – advocacy partner, client, user of services, user


Treasurer – the member of the Governing Body who deals with financial matters


Trustee – member of the board of the Governing Body