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Discussing end-of-life wishes and plans with friends and family is crucial for older individuals as it ensures their desires are respected and understood. By engaging in these conversations, older people can alleviate potential confusion or conflict among loved ones regarding their preferences for medical care, funeral arrangements, and estate matters. Moreover, open dialogue about death and dying fosters emotional preparation and provides an opportunity for older adults to share their values, beliefs, and final wishes, thus enabling a sense of control and peace of mind. These discussions not only facilitate practical preparations but also strengthen familial bonds and support networks, easing the burden on loved ones during a challenging time. Ultimately, openly addressing these topics empowers older individuals to shape their legacy and ensure their wishes are honoured with dignity and respect.

Age UK has produced a free LifeBook which can hold all your important financial and practical information, which can be very difficult and painful for people to try and find out after we have died.

The resources below are designed to help those engaging in informal advocacy for older people and can help with beginning those difficult conversations.

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I'd like to talk about the arrangements for after my death
I'd like to talk about the arrangements for after my death. Easy read version
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I'd like to talk about the arrangements for after my death. Picture version

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