Knowing what formal and informal advocacy is, and when and how it should be applied, is vital for the health and wellbeing of older people benefitting from care services. In the latest NICE guidance on this subject “Advocacy services for adults with health and social care needs” the importance of adults knowing about the benefits of independent advocacy and how to access it were researched, and the guidance made it clear that care providers should be able to signpost people to both formal and informal advocacy as appropriate.

But what does this mean in practice? Well you may be happy to hear that recognising a need for advocacy is pretty straightforward and so is taking the next steps once the need has been recognised. Take a look at our short explanatory film and email any questions to sharon.jenkins@opaal.org.uk.

And remember of our page “Resources for Individuals” there are several FREE advocacy checklists that anyone can download that can help prepare for some of those difficult conversations we may want or need to have in order to enjoy our later life.

Exercise is excellent!


There is no denying that exercise is a great way to generate self confidence and to boost morale. This premise has recently been endorsed by the World Health Organisation who has produced a helpful tooklkit to keep us all moving, health and happy in later life!

If your organisation wants to do more to support older people with their exercise needs and wants, you can also contact Sport Works

Love, romance and sexual intimacy in care homes.

At what point do we decide that love, sex and romance is no longer of interest to us? Well the answer is for a great many people NEVER!

And moving to a care setting is no reason for any adult to be denied expression of these feelings that help give us such an enormous sense of wellbeing and happiness.

With that in mind, here is the Royal College of Nurses’ Report on Older People in Care Homes: Sex Sexuality and Intimate Relationships.

This report provides invaluable insight into how love, sex and romance can be supported for older people in care settings, in a compassionate and understand way.


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