The Advocacy Checklist is a way you and your organisation can publicly demonstrate your commitment to putting the needs and wants of the older people in your care or in your life, at the heart of all you do.

It is a simple series of easy steps for you and your teams to take, to show older people and those their loved ones, that you have committed to listening and taking action, to help an older person speak up about how they want to live their lives – irrespective of their circumstances.

We are each the expert on ourselves. Committing to valuing the ideas and opinions of older people acknowledges this key principle. And when adhered to, the Advocacy Checklist provides a valuable marque of good practice that indicates assured professionalism and compassion when providing services to older people.

Here is what the Advocacy Checklist will require of you and your team members.



To join the scheme or to find out more information about whether the Advocacy Checklist is right for you and your organisation, get in touch with us here.


Membership cost is £200 per annum and an invoice (showing OPAAL’s bank details) will be emailed to the main contact email address when the application form is processed.  

Once payment is received, your Advocacy Checklist package will be sent to the main contact. 

Prior to the year’s membership expiry, an invoice will be emailed to the main contact email address offering a further year’s membership.  

On receipt of the annual membership fee the organisation will automatically become a member of OPAAL.

Details of the process of membership expiry will include steps the organisation agree to take if membership is not renewed.

For more information please contact [email protected]


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