Why older people should eat the rainbow!

There has never been a better reason for older people to “eat the rainbow” according to a new study. A new research project that kept track of the habits of almost 80,000 middle-aged individuals for over 20 years has now found that those who consumed the biggest range of colourful fruit and veg, were the least likely to experience early signs of cognitive decline as they age.

This was found to be the case even after the researchers made adjustments for other factors, that could make a difference such as exercise or how much alcohol we all drink.

The secret ingredients are said to be something called a flavonoid which can be found in different ways and concentrations in different coloured fruit and veg – and some of them appear to provide stronger protection from declining brain functions than others.

Flavones are a type of flavonoid found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. And they were associated with a mighty 38% reduction in risk.

Anthocyanins blueberries, blackberries and cherries were associated with a 24% reduction in risk.

Whilst the study is still ongoing, the researchers say that eating a colourful diet is a fairly safe bet for better brain function and memory in later life. And the good news is – it’s not too late for anyone to start! As the improvements were seen in those who started to eat them recently too!

So let’s get started together! Satsuma anyone?

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