Why person-centred care is so important

Did you know that third of people with dementia in the UK (288,000) live in care homes? And those in care homes usually have more severe dementia than those living in our community. Behavioural and psychological symptoms, often including agitation, can make it challenging to care for these people.
Person-centred care, where each individual has their needs and wants met, is the gold standard of care for people with dementia. Yet previous research done by the National Institute for Health Research, has found that many care home residents have as little as two minutes of social interaction each day. ??
But recently, the WHELD programme has undertaken a project to help care home staff deliver person-centred care, including: increased exercise, reduction of reliance on drugs, more social interaction – and the results speak for themselves!
? Significant benefits in quality of life
? A reduction in agitation
? An a reduction in symptoms such as depression
? AND an improvement in quality of care, with residents experiencing fewer emergency hospital admissions and fewer GP visits!
At last! Evidence to support what we all instinctively knew – that people are people – and illness doesn’t change that! Here’s hoping all care providers take note – and let’s all stay well together!
David’s Story