YOUMANITY imAge Photography Award Winners Announced


Press release


Three outstanding photographers have been announced as winners of imAge photography award entrants. They are:


Elise Jacob – 1st place

Francesco Ruffoni – 2nd place

Abhijit Chakraborty – 3rd place


YOUMANITY Photography Award is an annual competition open to anyone with an interest in photography and participants are judged on a three-image essay. Judging the submissions were:


Anne Williams, Director of Photography, London College of Communication

Cristobal Catalan, Creative Director, Liminal Senses Productions

Michael Pritchard, Director-General, The Royal Photographic Society

Marco Delogu, Director, Italian Cultural Institute, London

Roger Tooth, Head of Photography, The Guardian


Speaking for the Jury, Dr Michael Pritchard, Director-General of The Royal Photographic Society commented “The Youmanity photography award saw a diverse range of entries which explored aging and the role of older people in society. The standard was good with the ability to produce a series of three strong images separating the winners from the rest.

The winning entries looked at very different subjects. The overall winner Fashionistas by Elise Jacob looked at older people and fashion – a subject usually associated with the young. The second prize by Francesco Ruffoni depicted the hobby of pigeon racing by ‘Alido’ whose passion is transmitted to a new generation of homing pigeon trainers; and with a set of black and white images Abhijit Chakraborty revealed a collector’s love for discarded mechanical objects, which he repairs for a new lease of life.”

The finalists’ photographic works will be showcased in a group exhibition 18-24/04/2016 to be held at King’s College London.

YOUMANITY is a non-profit organisation based in London, promoting the importance of cultural diversity and social inclusion. The organisation’s commitment to developing an international cultural dialogue is reflected in the annualPhotographic Award which aims to raise awareness on current socio-economic themes.