Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and how it can affect older adults

What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and why does it matter to older people? Well the simple fact is that is: Incurable Debilitati

Alan’s leukaemia story

It started with a persistent sore throat. I thought it would be OK by the time I would be going skiing in 10 days, but it was no better. O

Make sure you understand what a DNR notice is!

We heard the most troubling story this week about an elderly woman living alone in her nineties, who was being pressed by her GP to agree

Betty Machin and Oldham Community Radio: Speaking up for older people

Betty Machin, OPAAL Trustee and former Dementia Advocate was in conversations with the wonderful team at Oldham Community Radio about the

Who would I want to speak up for me?

We have talked a lot on this page about the value of making sure you have a Lasting Power of Attorney, registered with the Office of the P

Love and affection in later life

Most people believe that it’s natural for our sex lives to go decline as we age. Now of course, over time aging, does tend to change the

Two older men talking
Older people can now be better supported with free and easy ways to get their voices heard!

There is an increasing population of older people in the UK, who for a variety of reasons are struggling to make their needs and wants kno

Older people drinking tea
When is it the right time to try to help an older person?

When is the best time to get help for the older person in your life? There could be a point in time, when we can see that some issues migh

It’s LGBT History Month!

We are celebrating all the wonderful diversity in our communities! Here at Together, our mission is to ensure that every older person gets

Sleep talk!

The value of good sleep habits in later life How did you sleep last night? We all need sleep but so many of us are not getting enough of i


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