Should Older Adults Downsize or Modify Their Home? A Financial Perspective

As we age, our living situations often need to adapt to our changing needs. One common dilemma older adults face is whether to downsize to

Navigating Love’s Landscape: Challenges of Sustaining Romantic Relationships in Later Years

Love, a timeless emotion, is often perceived as ageless. However, as we journey through life, the dynamics of romantic relationships evolv

Shifting Perspectives: How Our Definition of Old Age Is Evolving

In the tapestry of human existence, our perception of age has long been woven into the fabric of society, influencing everything from pers

Embracing Change: How the flexible working legislation announced on 6 April 2024 could benefit older workers

In an era marked by dynamic shifts in workplace culture and structure, the United Kingdom is taking significant strides towards empowering

Funeral Poverty in the UK: When Grief Meets Financial Strain

Death is an inevitable part of life, yet the financial burden it brings often goes unspoken. In the United Kingdom (UK), the rising costs

Older Individuals in Rented Accommodation in the UK

In an era where housing affordability and accessibility are growing concerns, the challenges faced by older individuals in rented accommod

Navigating Challenges: The Difficulties Older People in the UK Encounter When Accessing Services

In the rapidly evolving landscape of service provision, older individuals in the United Kingdom often find themselves facing a myriad of c

Rising Mortality Rates: Unravelling the Surge in Older People’s Deaths in the UK this January

As we move more into the new year, an alarming trend has emerged in the United Kingdom, sending shockwaves through communities and healthc

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and how it can affect older adults

What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and why does it matter to older people? Well the simple fact is that is: Incurable Debilitati

Alan’s leukaemia story

It started with a persistent sore throat. I thought it would be OK by the time I would be going skiing in 10 days, but it was no better. O


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