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For many of us, love, romance and special connections will always be on our wish lists for a happy and fulfilling life. And for lots of people, advancing years doesn’t change this desire. Indeed, as we age we may crave companionship even more than we did when we were younger! Many more older people are living alone these days. The divorce rate has risen over the passing years, and more people are feeling confident about expressing or exploring their sexuality in different ways.

But how we look for love has changed immeasurably since many of us were young, with online dating now a completely normal way to look for and find a partner. And yet for so many older people, who still have so much to offer, the online world can feel like a scary and difficult place to be – especially if one is feeling lonely and vulnerable. And there is no doubt that stepping into the “dating market” can come with some level of risk. This can range from heartbreak all the way to exploitation by a fake romantic contact. We believe that older people who are looking to change their romantic situation should be supported and encouraged to do so, in a safe and sensible manner. So we would encourage older people and their supporters to have a positive conversation about love and romance.

It’s ok to ask an older person if they would like to make a new connection. And as an older person, it’s ok to want that, irrespective of your current or previous circumstances. The resources below are designed to help those engaging in informal advocacy for older people and to help kick start those conversations.

For positive stories about older people enjoying fulfilling intimate relationships in later life you can visit the Relate website.

I'd like to talk about love and romance
I'd like to talk about love and romance Easy Read versions
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I'd like to talk about my sex life
I'd like to talk about my sex life Easy read version
I'd like to talk about my sex life Picture version

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